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Creating Clean Lines on the CNC

This post contains amazon affiliate links. We use the Oramask 813 for any work where we’ll be painting the carves we do, but don’t want the hassle of all that sanding after the carving has completed. This product has eliminated 30-45 minutes out of our production times. This is enormous for a smaller shop like ours. 

Workbench Build

It seems that every woodworker crosses a rite of passage in their woodworking tenure by building some sort of workbench. This could be a simple 2×4 bench or a finely-tuned heirloom-quality split-top roubo. Being no different than the workers of wood that have come before me, I, too, have embarked on this journey out of

Milling Slabs

Whether you’re interested in building a live edge dining table, or just simply a fan of those Instagram accounts working large with slabs, milling the wood is where all of the magic starts. I had the opportunity to help Matt Plazek, a local woodworker, and now friend, to mill up some large maple slabs this